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Step-by-step training on how to generate traffic to casino apps

Friends! We are glad to present you a free video course on work with Facebook and mobile app traffic. We are constantly developing this direction, and now only in you can get free mobile applications for IOS/Android, ready-made approaches with ROI 100+%, step-by-step manuals and cases and in addition to everything - an experienced personal manager who will become your reliable partner!

On this course we will give you five lessons in which we will discuss the following topics in detail:

  • Where to buy traffic

  • Creating creatives for any GEO

  • Algorithm for launching traffic to the mobile app

  • How to get a lot of conversions

  • Where to start and how to choose an offer

Training plan

  • №1. Facebook Basics

    Farm Facebook account. Preparation

  • №2. Creating creatives

    Creating ad creatives for ad campaigns from scratch + theory

  • №3. Launching an ad campaign

    Launching an advertising campaign + settings

  • №4. Analytics

    Analysis of indicators

  • №5. Scaling


  • Based on the results of our training, each of you will start generating traffic from Facebook with a profit!

    We will give you a specific approach: mobile app, creative, offer, GEO, we will launch an advertising campaign with you and you will get your ROI 100% +

  • №1. Facebook Basics

    1. Differences between foreign GEO and the Russian Federation and the CIS

    2. Main tools / services / sites for work with foreign GEO:

      • Native translation services - brief overview of 1-2 services

      • Spy-services for work with foreign GEO - brief overview of 2-3 services

      • Services for automation - creation of creatives, analytics

    3. Choosing the optimal offer and everything related to it

    4. Traffic sources

    5. Farm Facebook account

  • №2. Creating creatives

    1. The theoretical part of Facebook:

      • Start of work in Facebook - source overview, general information about the specifics of the work, target audience, available targets and ad campaign settings, rules, restrictions, features, potholes

      • Optimization of an ad campaign

      • Auction

      • Consumables required for work

    2. Practical part:

      • Effective approaches for work with gambling betting

      • Example of searching for effective others' creatives in different spy-services

      • Analysis of successful and unsuccessful creatives from spy-services

      • Analysis of successful and unsuccessful creatives from

      • Rules and restrictions on creatives - how to make creatives so that they don't get banned

      • Example of adapting Russian creatives to foreign countries

      • Programs for creating video creatives

  • №3. Launching an ad campaign

    1. Launching a test ad campaign on Facebook under our control

    2. Mobile apps for generating traffic

      • Setting up an ad campaign and targets on Facebook

      • Testing rules

      • Advertising campaign limits, daily budget

      • Subtleties

  • №4. Analytics

    1. At this stage you will know all the details of working with Facebook. With this knowledge you will be able to detect current flaws in your advertising campaign and quickly fix them.

    2. What are the Facebook statistics indicators and what are they responsible for? Figure out what to pay attention to and how it can help us understand what exactly needs to be optimized in our creatives

      • Conversion cost

      • Coverage

      • Frequency

      • Relevance score

      • Clickability and CTR

      • Video view statistics

      • Reactions

    3. How do I find out when to stop a test ad campaign and when to continue?

    4. Analysis of advertising campaign indicators and creatives of some students

  • №5. Scaling

    1. We will tell you and show you all possible ways to scale the found approach:

      • Approaches

      • GEO

      • Advertising campaigns

      • Accounts

      • Budgets

The team will equip their fighters with everything they need to start:

  1. Step-by-step training and information

  2. Ready-to-use mobile casino apps that you don't need to cloak, with push-notifications and autologin for traffic - they will already increase your conversion rate by 35%!

  3. All the necessary instructions for setting up an advertising campaign, targets, and any possible help from our team in the process

  4. We will give you offers that will definitely lead you to profit

Course speakers

  • Artem owner

    Artem Prokofev, founder

    Owner of publics in social networks - audience more than 10kk.

    The owner of the community CPA Loft.

  • Daniil CEO

    Daniil Fokin

    CEO Gambling.PRO

  • Maksim Head of Affiliate

    Maksim Budarin

    Head of Affiliate Gambling.PRO

We have been working with foreign countries for a long time and were able to master many new GEO. During all this time our team has found a large number of successful cases that we are ready to share with you. Below are some examples of statistics for only a small part of these cases:

Statistics caseStatistics case
Statistics case
Statistics case

Why is foreign gambling the most perspective niche in traffic arbitrage?

  • A large market of offers, more traffic, more opportunities for arbitrage

  • The target audience burns out very slowly, advertising campaigns bring a stable ROI 100-200%+

  • Huge potential for scaling, no need to constantly search for new products, offers work and bring profit for years


  • Preparatory stage

    Mastering the basic theory, choosing an offer, preparing accounts, mobile apps, creatives, and other consumables needed to start generating traffic

  • The first profit

    Launch of a test Facebook ad campaign. We will help you choose the best offer. Together we will conduct testing, determine the required daily budget. Discuss all the details of working with a Facebook advertising campaign.

  • Analysis and optimization

    At this stage, you will know all the details of working with Facebook. With this knowledge, you will be able to detect current flaws in your advertising campaign and quickly fix them.

  • Scaling

    We will tell you all possible ways to scale the found approach. With this knowledge, you can reach a completely new level of income.



    You do not need any special knowledge to complete the training, you will receive all the information necessary for a successful start from our lessons.


    The international traffic market is huge, the target audience burns out slowly, so we can afford to spread this knowledge to a large number of publishers. Still, you need to understand that our main business is an affiliate program. We have thousands of webmasters working with us, and every time we sacrifice a working approach, we attract a huge number of webmasters who work with our network.


    Traffic arbitrage is an extremely dynamic thing, everything changes and we can't give any 100% guarantees and promises here. We will be honest with you - you can both earn and waste all your money.Here everything will depend only on you, your brain, desire to work and earn. We will provide you with all the necessary knowledge and consumables, and we will also answer your clarifying questions, help launch and analyze your first advertising campaigns.


    There are a lot of publishers, and after our training there will be even more of them! But you should not be afraid of competition or the fact that you suddenly realize that the niche is oversaturated and dead, you need to look for something new. No, that won't happen for sure. The foreign market is much larger. There are no publishers and no approaches to burn it out at once.So the development of this area can be considered the most promising branch of arbitrage development. The ability to work with foreign traffic will completely “untie your hands”: no more restrictions on GEO and offers, only traffic and only profit!

  • What if I fail?

    There is only one situation in which you will not get any result at all. This is a situation where you did absolutely nothing. If you work, do your homework, and follow all our recommendations, you will make a profit!

Reviews of our company

  • Review

    Mikhail Funk,
    Mega Push is a responsive team that positions itself more as a unified partner, rather than a large organization, where you need to go to different places to get something or endure unnecessary bureaucracy., it's like your friend, whom you trust and share with him all the hardships, they are real professionals in their field. And in my opinion the main quality is honesty with their partners, the guys have already proved themselves as reliable friends and comrades.

  • Review

    Rafael Gabitov,

    The team are great guys! In addition to the fact that the company's heads Artem and Tanya are my friends, they are also professionals in the niche of gambling and betting. The guys have been working with these verticals for more than six years, and I am sure that they have accumulated enough knowledge and practical experience to organize high-quality training for their new partners.

  • Review

    Vadim Korepov,

    The team generates traffic and tests new approaches, they actually conduct tests and share profit solutions with webmasters.

  • Review

    Cpa mafia

    Guys from have been working in the casino niche for a very long time, testing new approaches, creating informative content and willingly sharing their experience with other publishers.

  • Review

    Marina Chernova,
    Lucky Online is a friendly team, they are not our competitors, so I can say that they are my favorites! I know Artem for a long time and personally, I am confident in him as a person and a professional, so I know for sure that he put together a smart team and together with the guys developed an effective training program.